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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn and study as if you were to live forever. 
--Mahatma Gandhi 
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I'd like to show you how you can access $5,000+ dollars worth of trading tools for free or little cost and most importantly, no monthly subscription fees! This can save you thousands of dollars a year.

To build a house you must use tools. Even a master craftsman, no matter how skilled could not construct a house without tools. Specifically, the right tools, for the right job! So it is in building a profitable trading business. You can be wealthy, brilliant, and have all the trading education and top trading strategies but... if you don't have the right trading tools you will FAIL!

"In trading there is nothing that anchors a trader like a good trading journal. It has been said that "something must first be measured before it can be improved", so it is with trading.

You MUST have a journal to record / track your trading activity and this is the best one I've found in my time as a trader. It is a $149 one time investment.(no ridiculous monthly fees!)

 You will want to download the Stock and Options version. This is such a critical tool that I would not try trading without it. Most important, it also comes with a free position sizing calculator, risk graph tool and probability calculator all of which is vital to setting up your trading plan and knowing how to allocate your capital."

Order at the link below:

To see how trading journals can be used to generate better trading results download these two free booklets. (They are fairly large pdf. files so be patient.)   book one   book two


Many traders also ask me what I use to scan and track the market. I use the site below: It is $39.95 per month and you can cancel at any time. Sign up for a one month trial to test it out.

This is the only fee I pay (above broker commissions) and I get every trading tool I believe you would ever need to be successful. Click on Elite to get the live data stream and charting.


As always, if you ever have any trading questions please feel free to email me anytime with no charge or cost.